TCT 2017

Dynatek Labs attended the 2017 TCT Chris and Kendra are shown demonstrating the M6 to an interested customer. In a close-up of the deployment platform, red dye is used to illustrate the flow path of the particulate tester. Dynatek Labs attended the 2017 TCT...

Tortuous Path

From the company that was first to develop technology for acute particulate testing, Dynatek's custom tortuous pathways designed for vascular devices such as stents, stent-grafts, balloons, occluders, and delivery systems is now available as a stand alone...

Dynatek rolls out a real Fatigue to Fracture solution

Dynatek Labs has always cast an eye forward to the needs of the future. Although the fundamentals of Fatigue to Fracture are well established, the real innovations center on experimental protocols that result in successful predictions of endurance limits...

Sizing Matters

Correct sizing of mock vessels is crucial to the validity of a cardiovascular stent test. Dynatek mock vessels are tested and certified for compliance and wall thickness....



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