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Stent Testing

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Hot on the heels of the SVP-24, Dynatek Labs is proud to introduce the most powerful stent and graft durability testing platform in the world: the UST Universal Stent Tester. Until now, radial fatigue stent tester designs were severely constrained: you had to invest in three to five separate test units if you needed to test samples from 2 to 50 mm ID. The upfront investment for a company testing samples in the coronary to stent graft size ranges was prohibitive. Now, with a single UST Universal Stent Tester, you can conveniently test any size of stent or stent graft on only one machine, just by swapping out an optional manifold!

Design solution for unmatched versatility

Retaining many of the powerful features of the original SVP-24 Stent and Vascular Prosthesis Tester, each UST platform consists of a Hyper Drive and bellows module and a sample manifold module in which the stent samples are mounted. Based on the size of your current stent test samples, you can choose the optional sample manifold module sized for your sample ID. Testing larger or smaller samples? No problem! Choose from one of four interchangeable manifold modules that best fits your needs, swap out the existing sample module and you’re ready to test a different size.

Lowest cost of ownership

With the UST, you only have to invest in one test platform to test stent and graft samples regardless of their internal diameters. The UST’s powerful all-in-one platform gives you the productivity of four radial durability testers at slightly more than the price of one unit. To maximize your return and protect your investment, nothing beats the UST.

Innovative technology delivers superior testing results

Dynatek’s SVP and UST feature a single motor that drives fluid with a pulsatile motion into the whole sample. This ensures that the entire sample is undergoing the same test condition and the pressurization is most like how the heart pressurizes the vasculature. Since pulsatile conditions are uniform across the entire length of the mock vessel that contains the sample, the SVP-24 and UST, unlike dual-headed units, can test up to five stent samples in a mock vessel, (depending on the length of the stent) offering significantly increased capacity. With the SVP-24 and UST, cutting edge science delivers uniform test conditions and exceptional performance. The vertical configuration of the SVP-24 and UST permits bidirectional rotation of the manifold, allowing the included laser micrometer to take deflection readings of samples conveniently. The Flow-Through Adapter allows test fluid to be pumped through all samples in a closed loop, ensuring an even temperature distribution within all mock vessels and also ensuring the removal of shed particles, which is of particular importance during the testing of bioabsorbable stents.

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Standard Guide for Testing Absorbable Stents

Standard Test Methods for in vitro Pulsatile Durability Testing of Vascular Stents

Designed for reliability and long life

With only one powerful, long-life Hyper Drive linear actuator, the SVP and UST feature a minimal number of moving parts, about half the number of moving parts in competitive testers featuring two motors. Proprietary alloy bellows are designed to run for over a billion cycles and the rugged manifold is fabricated from durable Delrin.

Frelon Gold™-coated linear bearings on the linear actuator are designed to absorb enormous loads, provide smooth motion and reduce stress on the motor, and the custom motor shaft features a Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) making it extremely hard and wear-resistant. Result? The SVP-24 and UST will provide years of virtually maintenance-free performance.

Stent Testing

Boost productivity with optional accessories

A wide range of optional add-ons have been tailor-made to meet the needs of stent and graft testing protocols:

• Various diameters of graft tube adapters and quick disconnects
• Sample isolation valve to allow removal or replacement of individual samples without test interruption
• Adapters for catheter deployment of stents on the tester

Stent Testing
SVP-24: Single bellows, small Hyper Drive for smaller sample testing
Stent Testing
UST: Three bellows, large Hyper Drive for larger sample testing that requires more volume throughput

 Dynatek’s UST Stent Tester Specifications


Mock vessel configuration
straight, curved, bifurcated
Mock vessel length (straight)
up to 200 mm,1 adjustable


Manifold sample sizes ID # of straight samples2
SVP-24 2-12 mm up to 24
UST-M 2-16 mm up to 16
UST-L 2-24 mm up to 12
UST-XL 2-50 mm from 8 to 16 (with adapters)

Field swappable UST manifolds
Accelerated closed-loop control of pulsatile tube distention
Testing at physiological speed
Testing at accelerated speed
Testing fluid
Fluid temperature range
≤ 45ºC
Test monitoring
mock vessel distension, pressure, temperature, frequency
Automatic test control method
mock vessel distension
Fluid flow through mock vessels
 Hyper Drive linear motor
Laser mock vessel distention measurement
optional laser micrometer

1Depending on sample compliance
2Number of bifurcated samples that can be mounted is approximately half the number of straight samples.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Stent Testing

2-12 mm
up to 24 samples

Stent Testing

2-16 mm
up to 16 samples

Stent Testing

2-24 mm
up to 12 samples

Stent Testing

2-50 mm
8 to 16 samples

Stent Testing

50 mm
8  samples

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