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Determining the Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Unfixed Human Heart Valves: Effect of the Properties and Geometry of the Recipient Synthetic Aorta

by Dynatek Labs | SFB 2000 | Publications, Heart Valve Testing

James C. Conti,Elaine R Strope, Donald J. Rohde,Richard Carp, Steven Kulan

SFB 2000 (Not Accepted)

One of the main goals of engineers and scientists involved in the design of replacement internal components for human use is the replication of biological and mechanical characteristics of the original equipment. It has been shown over the last twenty years that it is not at all straightforward to determine what are the true in vivo characteristics of various …

AAMI 24th Annual Meeting Presentation by James C. Conti, Ph.D.

by Dynatek Labs |  AAMI 1990 | Publications, Heart Valve Testing

AAMI 1990

Thank you Dr. Gabbay, Dr. Mueller, and thank you for inviting me to this gathering. I am excited and hope that this opens up a new wave of interest in in-vitro durability testing.

The usefulness of experimental data is of course dependent upon the reliability of that information, and any scientist or engineer who would be queried concerning this fact would be quick to agree, I am sure. Nonetheless, I am continually confronted with attitudes from my colleagues concerning the value of in-vitro heart valve durability testing, this from individuals in laboratories …

Experimental Considerations that Determine the Utility of Accelerated Durability Testing for Prosthetic Heart Valves

by Dynatek Labs | FDA 1990 | Publications, Heart Valve Testing

James C. Conti, Ph.D., Elaine R. Strope, Ph.D., Donald Rohde

Presented By: James C. Conti, Ph.D.

FDA 1990 

The reliability and usefulness of experimentally generated data is dependent upon, among other things, the generation of an experimental protocol that recognizes the importance of pertinent variables. Any experiment that fails to control or at least recognize those variables is probably better off not being performed. This experimental sloppiness is rampant throughout many of the world’s prosthetic heart valve…

Stent Testing

Current Progress Toward Stentless Heart Valve Testing

by Dynatek Labs | FDA 1990 | Publications, Heart Valve Testing

FDA 1990

Design Considerations for the In Vitro Testing of Cardiovascular Prosthesis

by Dynatek Labs | ISAO 1986  | Publications, Heart Valve Testing, Stent Testing

Elaine R. Strope, Ph.D.

ISAO 1986 

Prosthetic cardiovascular devices are unique in that, in addition to the requirement of functioning for nearly a billion cycles or more, failure can result in death of the user. As a result, in vitro testing becomes critically important. The special considerations in design of instrumentation to test these devices will be reviewed and examples of data generated will be given.

For nearly a decade, personnel now associated with Dynatek …

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