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Medical Device Testing

Company History:

Dynatek was formed under the leadership and direction of Professor Milton Swanson with the purpose of engineering new cardiovascular testing equipment. After teaming up with Dr. Swanson on several projects, Dr. James C. Conti and Dr. Elaine R. Strope purchased the company in 1984 and expanded the product line to include VAD testers, silicone cardiovascular models, stent coating durability testers, stent durability testers, and size and count of particulates shed from medical device analysers.

Today our core products and services remain centered around the testing needs for implantable medical devices.

Medical Device Testing
Dr. James C. Conti with Professor Milt Swanson (Founder)
Dynatek Labs is a world leader in medical device testing, with over thirty five years of experience. From the introduction of our first tester, the M6 heart valve tester, a machine that is still the industry standard, to the ground breaking Coating Durability Tester (CDT), designed specifically for drug-eluting devices, Dynatek continually pushes forward with innovative thinking to meet the needs of the medical device industry.

All Dynatek Labs test procedures meet current AAMI, ASTM, ISO, and FDA guidelines. We also develop a wide variety of turnkey, computer controlled data acquisition and control instrumentation using LabVIEW® software. Custom test protocols and systems are designed and fabricated for those needing specialty equipment for the most advanced and unique projects.

At Dynatek, each client is handled with individual care. The goal of our team is to develop a lasting partnership built on trust and respect, allowing testing to be performed as quickly and efficiently as possible. We strive to deliver the best services and equipment available.

Dynatek’s innovations list continues to grow.

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Medical Device Testing
Elaine R. Strope
Medical Device Testing
James C. Conti
Executive Vice President
Medical Device Testing
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Senior Engineer


Medical Device Testing
Kendra Conti
Director of Global Sales

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