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We are a world leader in medical device testing, equipment, services and consulting. Core products & services centered around stent testing, heart valve testing, acute particulate stent testing, particulates shed from catheters guide wires, implantable device delivery systems, fatigue to fracture stent testing, and coated durability device testing. Over 30 years of experience.

Dynatek’s products are designed to fulfill current and anticipated international regulations. Learn more about how our machines satisfy the following standards:
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  • ISO 5840-1:2015

  • ISO 5840-2:2015

  • ISO 5840-3:2013

  • ISO 7198:2016

  • ISO 12417-1:2015

  • ISO 14708-5:2010

  • ISO/TS 17137:2014

  • ISO 25539-1:2003

  • ISO 25539-2:2012

  • AAMI TIR42

  • ASTM F2477-07

  • ASTM F2743-11

  • ASTM F3036-13

  • ASTM F43006-WK46148

Acute medical particulate testing device patent awarded to Dynatek Labs

An acute medical particulate testing device for determining particle shed from a medical device during implantation. The device includes a closed loop system through which a solution is forcibly passed. An inlet port allows a catheter-mounted medical device to be incorporated into the flow loop. At least one tortuous passage is provided to replicate the vascular pathway and tortuosity which simulates the turns and bends and rubbing that affect particulate release from an implantable medical device as it is passed through the vasculature. Read more

Dynatek’s innovations list continues to grow

Dynatek First


  • First to develop fatigue to fracture testing of stents.
  • First to develop technology for integrated, real-time acute particulate testing.
  • First commercially available coating durability tester with in-line particulate analysis.
  • First to develop precise high-speed photographic verification protocols and procedures.
  • First to offer a commercially available pulsatile artificial heart tester.
  • First to use 5% to 7% compliance for mock vessels.
  • First in the use of precise, optically clear mock vessels.
  • First to use tuned fluid oscillation in heart valve testing.
  • First to create velocity flow standard.
  • First to introduce Dynamic Internal Compliance of mock vessels.
  • First commercially available stent/graft durability tester with single ended pressurization. Read more

Dynatek rolls out a real Fatigue to Fracture solution

Dynatek Labs has always cast an eye forward to the needs of the future. Although the fundamentals of Fatigue to Fracture are well established, the real innovations center on experimental protocols that result in successful predictions of endurance limits and sites of future failures. Dynatek has developed an instrument, testing protocols, and testing envelopes that address properties of all implantable tubular elements such as stents and endovascular prostheses.

Acute Particulate Tester gets an upgrade

The Acute Particulate Tester (pat. pend.) moves to an 8 foot platform.

Representative in China



Room 1302, Aetna Tower, No.107 Zunyi Road
Shanghai 200051, China

Contact: Harry Zhong /Sales Manager

Tel: +86-21-62375520-213
Cell: 15921602071

Dynatek is pleased to announce an exclusive distributorship and service agreement with DJK- Shanghai Yishi Trading Co, Ltd. for the Chinese market. Harry Zhong, sales manager, will serve as primary contact for new and existing customers.

DJK was established in 1948, and has grown into a comprehensive trading company with 32 overseas branches and offices. DJK has built a strong market presence in the medical device industry, as well as a variety of other sectors including aeronautics, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.

Moving forward, DJK will provide new and existing Chinese customers with prompt product support, as well as the opportunity for on-site demonstrations of new Dynatek equipment.

Dynatek is confident that this partnership will expand our market presence in China, and provide excellent customer service for years to come.


Acute Particulate Testing in our lab is growing fast

Acute Particulate Testing demand is growing and Dynatek is scaling up to meet the demand.

No one tests faster than we do!

Does Dynatek…

Test at accelerated speeds? Yes!
Test at physiological speeds?  Yes!
Test at high temperatures and expanded pH levels?  Yes!
Verify stent deflection using high speed photography?  Yes!

ISO, ASTM and FDA regulations require the testing of stents and stent grafts for at least 380 million cycles.  At physiological speeds of 72 beats per minute (1.2 Hz), it would take one month for 3.1 million cycles of testing, or literally 10 years to meet the regulatory requirements.  To meet the regulatory requirements of 380 million cycles, regulatory agencies allow testing at accelerated speeds, leading to shorter test periods, and significantly lower testing costs.

Dynatek offers accelerated and physiological testing on our SVP-24/UST Universal Stent Tester, the CDT-5 Coating Durability Tester and the CDT-20 Coating Durability Tester.

Dynatek’s testers feature proprietary Hyper Drive motors that are capable of over 60 Hz or 3,600 rpm, far in excess of physiological conditions.  Assuming the intravascular device can tolerate such speeds, 380 million cycles can be completed in 10 weeks!

Dynatek can assist you in developing a test protocol that will offer you the fastest possible speed for accelerated durability testing of stents, stent grafts and intravascular devices.

In addition to accelerated speeds, some customers have chosen to test at higher temperatures and expanded pH levels, as part of their test-to-failure protocols.  Contact us to find out more about such testing protocols.

Verification of stent deflection using high speed photography is the most accurate way to measure deflection.  Dynatek routinely performs accelerated durability testing of intravascular devices using high speed photography.

No one tests faster than we do!

Sizing Matters

Correct sizing of mock vessels is crucial to the validity of a cardiovascular stent test. Dynatek mock vessels are tested and certified for compliance and wall thickness.

Acute Phase Particulate Testing of Stents, Stent-grafts and Stent Delivery Systems

Dynatek Labs performs Acute Phase Particulate Testing of a variety of vascular devices.  Acute Phase Particulate Testing of vascular devices such as stents, stent-grafts, and stent delivery systems includes:

  1. Real-time Particulate Matter Evaluation during Deployment and Withdrawal
  2. Coating Integrity Inspection

Dynatek Labs provides a ‘one stop’ facility for your Acute Phase Particulate Testing requirements.

Over 30 years ago, Dynatek Labs entered the stent and heart valve testing market, and soon introduced circulatory assist device testing, particulate analysis and custom device testers.  Over the past three decades, Dynatek has built a stellar reputation for solving critical R&D problems that others could not.  To celebrate this significant milestone, we are kicking off an exciting program of discounts on all our products and services!  With these discounts, Dynatek Labs offers the most innovative solutions at the most compelling prices! 30thx300 30% off the price of all non-stock silicone, straight, curved, bifurcated or custom mock vessels.  At these prices, you’ll want to stock up on a year’s supply! 60% off the price of all in-stock silicone mock vessels, while supplies last!  The faster you contact us, the better your chances of purchasing in-stock vessels.  Certification and retesting is available for an additional $175 fee.



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