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Evaluating the in situ Loading and Accelerated Durability of Barbs Located on Bifurcated Aorto-Iliac Stent-Grafts

by Dynatek Labs | RMBS 2000 | Publications, Barb Stent, Stent Testing

Biomedical Science Instrumentation, 36, pp. 93-98, (2000)

James C. Conti, Elaine R. Strope

RMBS 2000

Keywords: aorto-iliac, stent-graft, durability, fatigue, stent, accelerated

A special three-part protocol has been generated for the isolated durability testing of stent barbs. This triple protocol includes an initial evaluation on a cardiovascular duplicator to determine the loading per barb that occurs during normal flow…

Barbs on Vascular Stents: A Three-Part Protocol to Evaluate Durability

by Dynatek Labs | SFB 1997 | Publications, Barb Stent, Stent Testing

Conti, J.C., Strope, E.R., Rohde, D.R.

SFB 1997

Dozens of new stent designs are under evaluation to address the problems of occlusion, reocclusion, and aneurysm formation. A common design element utilizes small barbs or projections from the stent that pierce the adjacent vessel wall and anchor the stent or graft/stent combination.

Recently, a barb-containing stent that had supposedly passed durability testing when evaluated using currently accepted accelerated protocols failed in vivo due to barb breakage. These failures have resulted in the need for protocols to specifically…

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