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Comparison of Radial Expansion of Stents

by Dynatek Labs | RMBS 2008 | Publications, Compliance, High Speed Photography, Silicone Mock Arteries, Stent Testing

Ramesh R, Conti JC, Strope ER, Thompson M, Price KS, Murray D

RMBS 2008

Keywords: radial expansion, stent durability, deflection, mock vessels, coronary artery

Coronary artery disease results in hardening of the arteries. The main reason is that cholesterol and plaque build up on the inner walls of the arteries. This results in restricting the blood flow to the heart causing injury to the heart muscle. Recently, non-surgical processes are being used to open up …

Linear Elastic Mechanics of Mock Arteries: Empirical Versus …

by Dynatek Labs | RMBS 2007 | Publications, Compliance, High Speed Photography,  Silicone Mock Arteries

Biomedical Science Instrumentation, 43, pp. 54-62, (2007)

Ramesh Rajesh, Conti JC, Strope ER

RMBS 2007

Keywords: linear elastic mechanics, stent durability, deflection, pulsatile, accelerated, mock artery, high speed photography, laser micrometry

Evaluation of a medical device requires human or animal studies to be conducted. In the past decade, the use of mock arteries or mock vessels has found its place in the cardiovascular industry …

Mock Artery Distension: Comparison of Optical, Mechanical and…

by Dynatek Labs | RMBS 2007 | Publications, High Speed Photography, Silicone Mock Arteries

Biomedical Science Instrumentation, 43, pp. 46-53, (2007)

Ramesh Rajesh, Conti JC, Strope ER

RMBS 2007 

Keywords: mock artery, compliance, laser, high speed photography, conversion, linear elastic mechanics, vascular stents, durability

The relationship between the pressure inside a cylindrical mock vessel and the change in radius is called radial compliance.  It has been postulated that it is the internal change in radius with pressure that has a significant effect on blood flow …

Frequency Dependent Hysteresis of Silicone and Latex Mock Arteries Used in Stent Testing

by Dynatek Labs | RMBS 2005 | Publications, Compliance, High Speed Photo, Silicone Mock Arteries

Ramesh Rajesh, Strope ER, Price KS, Conti JC

RMBS 2005

Keywords: Compliance, Latex, Silicone, Artery, Frequency, Hysteresis, Stent, Testing, Vessels

Mock arteries also called as mock vessels are one of the best alternatives available to researchers in evaluating the mechanical characteristics and durability of intravascular medical products without having to use animal and human clinical studies. The behavior of mock arteries depends on the frequency of loading. This makes it essential to evaluate and analyze the compliance …

Single Versus Double Ended High Frequency Pressurization of Mock

by Dynatek Labs | RMBS 2006 | Publications, Compliance, High Speed Photography,  Silicone Mock Arteries

Biomedical Science Instrumentation, 42, pp. 446-451, (2006)

Ramesh, R, Conti JC, Strope ER

RMBS 2006

Frequency response characteristics of mock arteries play a very significant role in high frequency durability testing of medical devices such as grafts and stents. In vitro durability testing of stents depends on cyclic load applied by the mock artery on the medical device.

High Speed Photographic Verification of Intravascular Stent Strains During Accelerated Durability Testing

by Dynatek Labs | RMBS 2004 | Publications, Compliance, High Speed Photography

Biomedical Science Instrumentation, 40, pp. 219-224, (2004)

Kattelola, Brunda, Conti, JC, Strope, ER


Keywords: Stent, Durability, Vascular, Intravascular, Verification, Strain, High Speed Photographic, Mock Artery and Silicone.

RMBS 2004

Most stent durability testing does not predict resulting clinical failures. Standards committees have taken on the task of …

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