Particle Counting

United States Patent       9,453,788
Conti ,   et al.  September 27, 2016


An acute medical particulate testing device for determining particle shed from a medical device during implantation. The device includes a closed loop system through which a solution is forcibly passed. An inlet port allows a catheter-mounted medical device to be incorporated into the flow loop. At least one tortuous passage is provided to replicate the vascular pathway and tortuosity which simulates the turns and bends and rubbing that affect particulate release from an implantable medical device as it is passed through the vasculature. A debubbler is provided to remove air bubbles from the solution before it is passed into a particle counting device that counts particle shed from the medical device during the simulated implantation. A filter having desired porosity removes particles from the solution. A final filter system removes all particles and air bubbles from the solution before it is re-circulated through the loop.

Particle Counting
Inventors: Conti; James C. (Galena, MO), Strope; Elaine R. (Galena, MO)
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Filed: February 6, 2014

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