Dynatek Labs

30 years ago, Dynatek Labs entered the stent and heart valve testing market, and soon introduced circulatory assist device testing, particulate analysis and custom device testers.  Over the past three decades, Dynatek has built a stellar reputation for solving critical R&D problems that others could not.  To celebrate this significant milestone, we are kicking off an exciting program of discounts on all our products and services!  With these discounts, Dynatek Labs offers the most innovative solutions at the most compelling prices!

30% off the price of all non-stock silicone, straight, curved, bifurcated or custom mock vessels.  At these prices, you’ll want to stock up on a year’s supply!

60% off the price of all in-stock silicone mock vessels, while supplies last!  The faster you contact us, the better your chances of purchasing in-stock vessels.  Certification and retesting is available for an additional $100 fee.

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