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Dynatek’s Dr. James C. Conti appointed co-chair of the AAMI Mechanical Circulatory Support Systems Committee

June 2008

SPRINGFIELD, MO — (MARKET WIRE) – June 23, 2008 – Dr. James C. Conti, Executive Vice-President of Dynatek dalta Scientific Instruments has been appointed co-chair of the Mechanical Circulatory Support Systems Committee of AAMI (The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation).

In making this appointment, AAMI President Michael J. Miller, JD commented on Dr. Conti’s active participation on the Mechanical Circulatory Supports Committee, and on the contributions he has made.

Dr. Conti is delighted to accept this role; he is a long-standing member of AAMI and has been a key contributor to the standards that have been developed for heart valves, vascular grafts, endovascular prostheses, circulatory support devices, medical particulates and combination products (devices containing drugs).

The current primary focus for the Mechanical Circulatory Support Systems Committee is the development of testing standards for artificial hearts that are intended to be implanted for destination therapy rather than bridge to transplant.

About Dynatek Labs:

Dynatek Laboratories Inc, dba Dynatek dalta Scientific Instruments, is the leader in accelerated in vitro testing of cardiovascular devices, with over twenty-four years of experience. Having performed testing for many of the largest and smallest of companies, we are equipped to meet the testing needs of each individual client. As changes have occurred in stent designs and as more data have been collected concerning failure modes in vivo, Dynatek has modified its capabilities to address these changes, meeting and helping to further develop testing standards.

About AAMI:

The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation is dedicated to increasing the understanding, safety, and efficacy of medical instrumentation. A nonprofit organization founded in 1967, it is a unique alliance of over 6,000 members united by the common goal of increasing the understanding and beneficial use of medical instrumentation. AAMI is the primary source of consensus and timely information on medical instrumentation and technology. Further information about AAMI can be found at

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