Coating Durability Tester for Coated and Drug-Eluting Devices

July 2005

Dynatek dalta announces their release of the world’s first Coating Durability Tester (CDT), with the first client installation scheduled for August 1, 2005.

Dynatek’s CDT adds the benefit of dynamic, real-time evaluation of device coating to the proven accelerated durability testing of the Small Vascular Prosthesis Tester (SVP) and Large Vascular Prosthesis Tester (LVP). The CDT measures both size and number of particles as shedding occurs, without removal of the testing solution.

Applications for the CDT include device and coating durability testing for large vascular stents, small vascular stents, bifurcated stents, and other coated devices. The Coated Durability Tester includes a particle counter, controller, and data acquisition software.

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