Stent Radial Fatigue Testers: Now users have a choice.

Stent Testing 



Dynatek offers two powerful stent radial fatigue tester solutions, based on the same platform: the SVP-24 Stent and Vascular Prosthesis Tester and the UST Universal Stent Tester. Both testers feature powerful Hyperdrive linear motors and were designed to offer distinct advantages to our customers.

Maximum Throughput with the SVP-24

The SVP-24 was designed primarily for testing up to 24 renal, coronary, SFA, carotid or other stents, up to 12 mm ID.

Samples on all of Dynatek’s stent radial fatigue testers are mounted in between a pair of rugged manifolds, which are very rigid, machined, circular disks with appropriate adapters arranged circumferentially for holding mock vessels with stents deployed inside them. These mock vessels with stents deployed in them are mounted vertically between the paired manifolds, as shown in Fig.1.

While the SVP-24 tester proved to be a very successful workhorse, our customers asked for a tester that can accommodate a larger range of sample diameters, from 2 to 50 mm ID. Some companies offer separate testers for each ID size range from 2 to 50 mm ID, compelling you to purchase two or more radial fatigue testers at a very significant upfront cost, to enable you to test all of the sizes in your sample development pipeline. Dynatek took a different approach that lowers your cost of ownership and offers the widest range of sample test sizes in one platform by any vendor in the world.

Stent Testing

Fig 1: SVP-24 has a single bellows configuration and a smaller Hyper Drive for smaller volumes and flow

Stent Testing

Fig 2: UST supports a three bellows configuration and a larger Hyper Drive for greater volume and flow

Most Versatility with the UST

To address the needs of customers who need to test a wider ID range from 2 to 50 mm, Dynatek launched the UST Universal Stent Tester, whose design is based on the same structural platform as the SVP-24. The UST offers the same manifold design philosophy as the SVP-24, but allows the user to simply swap out an existing pair of manifolds with another pair, to test a different size range of samples, instead of having to purchase a whole new tester!

To get a better understanding of how the UST utilizes different manifolds to offer a wide sample test range, see below.

One Platform, Powerful Solutions

The SVP-24 offers maximum throughput with the ability to test up to 24 samples at a time. The UST’s maximum capacity varies with each size range but allows you to test four ranges of ID sizes, without having to buy four testers. In effect, at only slightly more than the cost of a SVP-24, the UST provides the power and versatility of four radial fatigue testers!

When purchasing a UST, you can choose one pair of manifolds to start with, and buy manifolds for other ID size ranges as and when the need arises. This approach to testing a wide range of IDs keeps your upfront investment costs down, while allowing you to test the size that needs to be tested at the moment.

UST manifolds are interchangeable
Stent Testing
Stent Testing
Stent Testing
Stent Testing

Fig 3: SVP-24 or UST-S Manifold
2-12 mm ID
up to 24 samples

Fig 4: UST-M
2-16 mm ID
up to 16 samples

Fig 5: UST-L
2-24 mm ID
up to 12 samples

Fig 6: UST-XL
2-50 mm ID
8 to 16 sampless

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