Stent Testers

Stent Testing

Dynatek’s Stent and Vascular Prosthesis Tester utilizes a Hyper Drive linear motor to produce an adjustable bellows compression which allows for physiologically relevant stent loading conditions for up to 24 test samples from physiological to accelerated testing rates of up to 150Hz.

Dynatek’s SVP-24 features a highly accurate and easy to use laser micrometer system that provides real-time mock vessel distention feedback that can either be used to monitor the test or to control the test in closed-loop operation.

The large number of samples also greatly benefits manufacturing QA when ongoing testing of approved stents is required.

  • Compact design allows for smaller footprint than previous systems.
  • Ability to test up to 24 samples simultaneously under precisely controlled test parameters.
  • Advanced Universal Controller with unmatched data collection capability.
  • FDA accepted with appropriate documentation.
  • Data logging to TDMS file which can be accessed by Excel or other software such as DIAdem1 and Matlab1, for managing, analyzing, and reporting the test data collected.
  • Advanced frequency, temperature, and pressure control gives the user the ability to establish, maintain, and recall required test parameters.
  • Ability to monitor sample tube pressures at all test frequencies.
  • Closed loop laser micrometer feedback allows for automatic control and monitoring of tube OD.
  • Long life electromagnetic Hyper Drive linear motor.
  • Design allows for easy access to test samples.
  • Universal Controller allows for expansion of the SVP-24 system to accommodate future host computer technology.
  • Future upgrades with advanced SCADA technology allow complete lab monitoring of all machines from a single computer.
  • Real-time sample pressure and stent deflection adjustments without affecting data collection.1 Not included
Hot on the heels of the SVP-24, Dynatek Labs is proud to introduce the most powerful stent and graft durability testing platform in the world: the UST Universal Stent Tester. Until now, radial fatigue stent tester designs were severely constrained: you had to invest in three to five separate test units if you needed to test samples from 2 to 50 mm ID. The upfront investment for a company testing samples in the coronary to stent graft size ranges was prohibitive. Now, with a single UST Universal Stent Tester, you can conveniently test any size of stent or stent graft on only one machine, just by swapping out an optional manifold!

Retaining many of the powerful features of the original SVP-24 Stent and Vascular Prosthesis Tester, each UST platform consists of a Hyper Drive and bellows module and a sample manifold module in which the stent samples are mounted. Based on the size of your current stent test samples, you can choose the optional sample manifold module sized for your sample ID. Testing larger or smaller samples? No problem! Choose from one of four interchangeable manifold modules that best fits your needs, swap out the existing sample module and you’re ready to test a different size.




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