Mock Vascular Compliance During Intravascular Product Testing

Mock Artery Compliance

by Dynatek Labs | 2006 | Publications, Compliance, Silicone Mock Arteries

Mock Vascular Compliance During Intravascular Product Testing


Dynatek Dalta Scientific Instruments, 105 E. Fourth Street, Galena, MO 65656

One of the most interesting topics raised at all standards, regulatory agency, and contractor meetings is related to the role that the mechanical compliance of mock arteries plays on the testing of medical products destined for intra arterial deployment or implantation.

This forum will represent a state of the art review of:

  1. Mock artery compliance
  2. Medical product compliance
  3. Relating compliance to product loading
  4. Compliance versus frequency
  5. How fast do you test?
  6. Category I testing
  7. Category II testing
  8. How hard do you test?
  9. Recent standards work

Attendees will be carefully guided through this confusing yet important subject.

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