Cyclic Peel Testing of the Release of Silicone Products from Molds

J.C. Conti, E.R. Strope, D.J. Rohde

Dynatek Dalta Scientific Instrument, Fourth and Main Sts., Galena, MO 65656

Molded products fabricated from various silicones are becoming more popular. The removal of these products from their molds is essentially a peel process. Cyclic peel testing, the loading of a sample at subcritical peel levels, gives a more precise analysis of the adhesion properties of this joint than standard peel testing. A study was conducted using aluminum and silicone molds onto which two castable platinum cured silicone materials were delivered and cured. This technique allows for a simple, precise, and cost effective way of optimizing mold release agents, candidate product materials and curing protocols before the costly and time-consuming step of fabricating complex molds is undertaken. Results will compare data from cyclic peel and standard peel tests.