Heart Valve Testing

SD_513 M6 Heart Valve Durability Tester

SD_506 MP3 Pulse Duplicator

SD_518 UC3-DC Universal Controller

SD_531 Heart Valve Durability Testing at Dynatek’s Contract Testing Lab

SD_504 Test Sections for the M6 Heart Valve Tester

SD_515 Critical Criteria For Purchasing a Heart Valve Tester

SD_500 M6 Heart Valve Tester Demonstration and RealTest™ R&D

Stent Testing

SD_535 SVP-24 Stent Tester

SD_514 UST Stent Tester

SD_538 FtF Fatigue to Fracture Tester

SD_529 Bending Tests of Stents

SD_532 Radial Pulsatile Durability Testing of Stents and Stent Grafts

SD_509 Testing Services

SD_521 High Speed Photographic Verification of Stent Deflection

SD_543 UC3-HD Universal Controller

SD_503 Stent Radial Fatigue Testers: Now users have a choice.

SD_501 Straight Mock Vessels Bent to Radius vs. Curved Mock Vessels: Effect on Stent Deflection

SD_507 Flow-Through in Stent Radial Fatigue and Coating Durability Testers

SD_508 Radial Fatigue Testing of Vascular Stents: Single- vs. Double-Ended Pressurization

Particulate Counting

SD_510 CDT-5 Stent Tester

SD_511 CDT-20 Stent Tester

SD_533 Acute Particulate Tester

SD_523 Particle Counters for Stent Testers

SD_530 Coating Durability Testing

SD_528 Acute Particulate Testing of Vascular Devices

SD_519 SEM Analysis of Particles

SD_520 Particulate Capture from Vascular Stents

SD_537 Visual Examination of Stents using Microscopy

Silicone Mock Vessels

SD_516 Silicone Mock Vessels

SD_524 DCT Compliance Tester

VAD Tester

SD_534 PVAD Pulsatile VAD Tester

Dynatek Labs

SD_539 Dynatek Firsts

SD_505 About Us

SD_512 Custom Capabilities

SD_542 Testing Standards



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