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All test procedures meet current AAMI, ASTM, ISO, and FDA guidelines. We also develop a wide variety of turnkey, computer controlled data acquisition and control instrumentation using LabVIEW® software. Custom test protocols and systems are designed and fabricated for those needing specialty equipment for the most advanced and unique projects.

CDT-20 Coating Durability Testing EquipmentDynatek Labs is properly positioned to tackle market changes quickly and to anticipate and capitalize on research and development opportunities. Our scientists publish scientific papers and give professional presentations on the latest research in testing methodologies. We lead the way in continued experimentation to ensure medical device testing is both expeditious and accurate.

Our ongoing commitment to quality medical device testing will ensure no time is wasted in getting your product to market, and also safeguard your investment in product development. Dynatek recognizes the sensitive nature of the products our customers develop. We completely believe in maintaining strict confidentiality and do not reveal to anyone the names of our customers without prior approval. See our stent testingheart valve testing and compliant silicone pages for more.

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